World famous VR social experience opens first Toronto location

A zombie shootout or a pirate treasure hunt? Or perhaps an exhilarating alien invasion in outer space? You can experience all of these crazy worlds at Toronto’s new virtual reality studio, Sandbox VR.

With locations all over the world, Sandbox combines motion capture with the latest VR hardware to create what it claims is one of the best VR experiences in the world.

Jacky Fung, manager at Sandbox VR Toronto, says there are a few things that make this particular location stand out even more than the others.

“The wall washer lights are pretty different compared to other locations, and we’re using 4K goggles. Those aren’t deployed at any other locations,” explained Fung. “Our store is one of the first stores that is using different equipment.”

Sandbox opened its doors earlier this month and it’s already getting busy. Booking a reservation online in advance is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Oh, and don’t be fooled by the 30 minute sessions. According to Fung, customers quickly feel the intensity of the immersive experience.

“Once they finish, they’ll know it was quite a workout!”

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