Woman Falls Headfirst Into Drop Toilet After Trying To Find Phone

A woman has gone to extreme lengths in an attempt to retrieve her phone after it fell into a drop toilet at an American national forest.

Fox News reports firefighters rescued the 40-year-old Californian woman, who fell into a vault toilet while trying to locate her device at the Olympic National Forest.

The woman dropped her phone after stopping for a bathroom break during her hike along Mt. Walker.

The Brinnon Fire Department revealed she then proceeded to dismantle the toilet seat while using dog leashes to fish out her phone.

The clever plan was foiled when she slipped and fell headfirst into the disgusting pile of human waste below.

“After 1520 minutes of attempting to get out, she used her phone to call 911,” the fire department wrote on Facebook.

Brinnon FD Rescue 41 and Quilcene FR Aid 21 responded to the mountain top.”

Rescue operators then made a ‘makeshift cribbing platform’ so that the woman could step up and be pulled to safety.

Fortunately, the woman did not sustain any injuries and the fire department confirmed she wasn’t ‘overcome by toxic gasses’.

Despite firefighters urging the woman to seek medical attention, she refused and continued on her way back to California.

That would have been one awesome walk home.

Brinnon Fire Department Chief Tim Manly told The kitsap Sun: “I’ve been doing this for 40 years, and that was a first.”

However, this is not the only instance that a phone has bizarrely gone missing during a quick pit stop to the powder room.

News.com.au reports that in February this year, a US woman was reunited with her iPhone after losing it for 10 years.

Credit: Facebook/Becki Beckmann
Credit: Facebook/Becki Beckmann

Becky Beckman said she was left ‘super confused’ after her phone appeared to have vanished into thin air on Halloween a decade prior.

However, Beckman said her husband began hearing a bizarre noise from the toilet every time he flushed.

He eventually became so fed up he ‘plunged the f**k out of it’.

Upon finding the phone, her partner ran outside to tell Becky she ‘wouldn’t believe’ what he had found in the toilet.

“This was so, so far from what I was expecting,” she said.

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