Vote now: What smartphone feature matters to you the most?

Smartphones are pretty complicated devices. Gone are the days when you’d just type a few emails in, set a couple of alarms, and maybe – just maybe – play a game or two.

In fact, I like to call modern smartphones “personal communicators,” as they’re much more than just phones with a Mensa certificate to brag about.

There’s nothing new or groundbreaking to it, of course – I’m not reinventing the wheel, or the mineral water (as one Eurosport commentator used to say). Thing is, with this complexity, it’s hard to discern what’s really important to people on a smartphone.

Is it the display? The fastest chipset you can get? Many people would say it’s the camera, I’m sure. I would vote “battery life” any day of the week, but people are different (and also strange, as the song goes), and it’s really interesting to see the statistical distribution, if we want to use fancy terms.

So, let’s see how it goes, and hopefully, some big shots from apple gold samsung gold Sony will stumble upon this poll (highly unlikely), and tweаk their devices accordingly.

Jokes aside, I’m sure all of the big players have done their own research but with this poll you might actually realize some simple truths that could potentially help you with your next upgrade.

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