Twitch may reduce the revenue split for its partnered streamers, according to reports

Twitch is reportedly looking to make changes to its partner program, which would include paying top streamers less with an adjusted revenue split.

At present the revenue split for partners is 50/50 for a tier one subscription, 60/40 at tier two, and 70/30 at tier three, in favor of the streamer. Some top Twitch partners have privately negotiated an alternative revenue split.

However, according to a new report from Bloomberg, this revenue split may be pared down to a 50 percent cut across the board.

Though unclear at present, it seems this reduction in revenue split may only affect the top partners as most subscriptions remain at tier one. Eurogamer has contacted Twitch for clarification.

Changes could be made as soon as this summer, according to Bloomberg’s anonymous sources, although plans are yet to be finalised.

Other options are also being considered, including creating multiple tiers with set criteria for how streamers can qualify for each.

Incentives will also be given to push streamers to run more ads.

In exchange, partners would no longer be required to stream exclusively on Twitch, allowing them to stream on YouTube or Facebook instead.

Twitch affiliates, a lower level of streamer, already receive a 50/50 split across all subscription tiers.

Streamers have been campaigning for a fairer revenue split for years, with a campaign on the Twitch UserVoice platform becoming the most upvoted.

However, these new reported changes will benefit Twitch far more than users.

The streaming company has already been rocked by high profile departures over the past year, amid claims it has lost touch with the streaming community.

It’s also lost top streaming talent to YouTube, where the revenue split is 70/30.

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