Top 10 Indian Robotics Startups Secured Funding in Q1 2022

by Aratrika Dutta
April 21, 2022


The world has been witnessing a growing crop of robotics startups, let’s look at their funding and investments

Technological breakthroughs, especially robotics and artificial intelligence, around the world are rapidly changing the way of human interaction with technology surrounding everyone. Robotics is no longer a far-reaching technology right now. It has already started influencing not only complex business environments but also human lives. The world has been witnessing a growing crop of robotics startups in the last few years that are advancing the way of interaction with robots in all scenarios. Multiple Indian robotics startups are coming up with innovative and unique robotics products and services to serve customers efficiently, especially, post-pandemic. Different investment companies are now investing in the field at different stages, right from seed funding and angel investors that help start an idea or buy private equities in well-established firms. Analytics Insight has compiled a list of the top robotics startups that secured funding in Q1 2022.


Total Funding Amount: US$5.3M

Recent Investors: Speciale Invest and Srivats Ram

CynLr is a visual object intelligence platform that enables industrial robotic arms to see, understand and manipulate any object in random unstructured environments. CynLr intends to simplify manufacturing through its visual robots or object computers, just as the computers simplified data processing.


Total Funding Amount: US$2.3M

Recent Investors: Indian Angel Network and Varanium Capital Advisors

Data Sutram is an AI-driven platform that provides Intel on People & Places with data from 250+ sources. Our proprietary AI and ML-driven data engine automatically convert raw unstructured sources of data from satellites, mobile phones, POS machines & several other sources to create insights that capture how people live & behave, available for any location in varying levels of granularity.


Total Funding Amount: US$5M

Recent Investors: Zomato and Ncubate Capital Partners

Mukunda Foods Pvt. Ltd is into the design & development of automated food equipment for use in the Indian food retail segment. Bringing automation into Indian food products is the focus of Mukunda Foods, They make food-making machines for hotels, restaurants & eateries.

Addverb Technologies

Total Funding Amount: US$$132M

Recent Investors: Reliance Industries

Addverb provides intra-logistics automation solutions based on industry 4.0 technologies. It aims to improve operations on a sustainable basis that provides clients a competitive advantage by strengthening their entire supply chain. Addverb takes a 4D approach comprising discover, design, deliver, and dedicated support for the digital transformation of material handling processes, aimed at augmenting safety, scalability, and flexibility.


Total Funding Amount: US$107M

Recent Investors: SCB 10X and Lightspeed India Partners

Darwinbox is a leading provider of cloud-based Human Resources Management Software (HRMS). With a new-age enterprise-focused HR Technology suite, Darwinbox engages and empowers employees across the entire lifecycle (hire-to-retire) with a smarter, simpler & mobile-first HR Tech experience powered by AI and Machine Learning

Ati Motors

Total Funding Amount: US$3.5M

Recent Investors: LetsVenture and MFV Partners

Ati Motors is one of the most unique industrial robotics startups in India right now. The firm has assembled an interdisciplinary team of around 30 engineers across. With an applied research focus, it is high on both academic rigor and implementation expertise. Apart from the in-house team, Ati Motors leverages the excellent vendor ecosystem in Bangalore that already caters to sophisticated aerospace, automotive, and electronics verticals.

Accio Robotics

Total Funding Amount: US$34.2K

Recent Investors: Utpal Doshi and Pankaj Bhargava

Accio Robotics is a robotics automation company focused on manufacturing state-of-the-art hardware and software automation solutions. The company aims to simplify the robotics market for businesses. The reason for the push for robotics and automation in various industries is simple. It helps in cutting the lead times of product development when deployed for value-added tasks, and it helps in helping humans as well as at the same time reducing human error when deployed in incidental tasks.

Diamond Age

Total Funding Amount: US$58M

Recent Investors: Dolby Family Ventures and Alpaca VC

Diamond Age is automating new home construction for the production housing industry. Our Robotics-as-a-Service system combines 3D printing, mechatronics, and robotics to unlock the industry’s enormous growth potential by backfilling the massive labor shortage and driving construction cycle times down from 9 months to 30 days.

Starship Technologies

Total Funding Amount: US$197.7M

Recent Investors: TDK Ventures and Goodyear Ventures

Starship Technologies is a robotics company building fleets of self-driving delivery robots designed to deliver goods locally within 30 minutes. The robots drive autonomously 99% of the time to make safe and environmentally friendly curb-side deliveries from a local hub. They also offer people convenient new services that improve everyday life. Starships Technologies robots are equipped with a sensor suite that includes cameras, GPS, and inertial measurement units.

Gecko Robotics

Total Funding Amount: US$122.3M

Recent Investors: XN and Mark Cuban

Gecko Robotics has developed robots to automate infrastructure inspections alongside software to aggregate and contextualize data to provide the ultimate end-to-end experience for customers. Gecko currently serves any industry with large pieces of critical infrastructure, focusing on enabling infrastructural integrity, safety, and reliability.

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