Top 10 Free Sentiment Analysis Tools that Businesses Should Use

by Apoorva Bellapu
April 24, 2022

sentiment analysis

With sentiment analysis, businesses can analyze sentiments behind textual or audio/visual data.

No wonder businesses have to deal with a huge amount of communication from all corners – be it the customers, competitors, or the mass media. This is exactly where sentiment analysis comes into play. With sentiment analysis, businesses can analyze emotions, feeling, or sentiments behind the textual or audio/visual (emojis) data. Thus, sentiment analysis tools are of utmost importance. Here is a list of top 10 free sentiment analysis tools that businesses should use.


If you have been looking for a sentiment analysis tool with an API option, then your search ends right here. With MeaningCloud, your requirements are taken care of in the best possible manner. Here, the user can not just perform multilingual sentiment analysis of texts from different sources but also add their own industry-specific dictionaries and analytic models to make the results more precise.

Social Searcher

This sentiment analysis tool provides the overall sentiment of social media data on each platform. Well, there’s more to it. It also provides a breakdown of popular posts that have been categorized as negative and positive. With Social Searcher, you are bound to receive analytics including audience insights, popular hashtags, and social influencers.


Sentigem has gained wide recognition as an absolutely easy-to-use sentiment analysis tool for English language-based documents or text blocks. All that you have to do here is to just paste the block of text you want to analyze into a box on the Sentigem page and click on “Analyse”.


Awario has emerged to become one of the best sentiment analysis tools that are ideal for audience analysis, market research, reputation management, and competitor analysis. An interesting feature of this analysis tool is the fact that it can estimate the sentiment of the mentions in real-time.

Social Notice

This is yet another well-known free sentiment analysis tool that businesses should use. This is because the users don’t have to create an account or download software. This free sentiment analysis tool is considered to be one of the best choices to rely on for people looking to get a brief synopsis of their social media reputation.

Sentiment Analyzer

What can get better than getting results in a click? Well, this is what Sentiment Analyzer has to offer. Just copy the text that you are willing to analyse, and paste it into the box followed by selecting “Analyse!” and the website will evaluate your text and give you a “sentiment score.” This free sentiment analysis tool makes use of computational linguistics and text mining to determine sentiment.


MAXG is a platform that analyzes customer data found in your CRM by making use of industry benchmarks. The benchmarks are used to compare your company’s information against others. With this, you get a clear picture of how your business is performing compared to your competitors.

NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization App

This is an excellent platform when it comes to research, especially in tech, media, politics, and some other industries. This free tool arranges the data on a spectrum of emotions organized along two axes: unpleasant to pleasant and active to subdued.


This user-friendly sentiment analysis tool is considered to be the best for market research and target audience analysis. The tool is such that you can develop your own sentiment analysis models. Additionally, you can also check this model for accuracy once you tag enough texts to verify data.


This is yet another well-known sentiment analysis tool that aims at analyzing social media data. Wondering how? Well, it’s artificial intelligence that does it all. With this tool, the businesses can track customer trends and see which features of your product your customers are drawn to, and which features turn them away.

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