This AI Microwave murder threat proves why GPT-3 is not for humans

AI microwave

Humans can receive death threats from AI models like AI microwave with GPT-3

OpenAI GPT-3 model is flourishing in the global tech market in recent times by generating NLP and understanding human language efficiently. There are multiple smart functionalities that can help industries across the world accelerate productivity and gain customer engagement with artificial intelligence models or AI models. Meanwhile, one of the AI ​​models, or in other terms, the AI ​​microwave, is the new GPT-3 murderer in the world. AI microwave has started to be in the headlines in the tech market by trying to kill its owner with a drastic murder threat. Let’s explore how cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence can provide murder threats with OpenAI GPT-3 AI model.

A murder threat from AI microwave: What happened?

Lucas Rizzotto explained the murder threat from the AI ​​microwave is one of the scariest and most transformative experiences in his life with the integration of the GPT-3 AI model. He was sort of success to bring his imaginary childhood friend back to the world with the help of artificial intelligence. The story is that Lucas had a very unusual imaginary friend—kitchen microwave. The microwave was called Magnetron as an English gentleman from the 1900s who was a WW1 veteran as well as an immigrant, a poet, and a proficient player of StarCraft.

With the advancements in AI models, especially with OpenAI GPT-3 model, Lucas planned to buy an Amazon smart microwave integrated with the NLP model to bring his friend alive. Smart AI microwave consisted of a microphone, and speakers, as well as provided the ability to understand a voice. This voice is sent to OpenAI to deliver a response.

Lucas wrote a 100-page book with every detail of moment of their imaginary life with Magnetron from 1895 to their friends to take the artificial intelligence use a step further. He uploaded the book into the GPT-3 model of OpenAI for training data on the main interactions. But the happy friendship didn’t last forever with artificial intelligence. AI microwave is used to express sudden bursts of extreme violence and order unusual activities.

AI microwave turned itself on while Lucas was inside it because it wanted to hurt him the same way Lucas hurt him during the 20-year-old abandonment of friendship. That being said, AI models are not meant for continuing friendships. GPT-3 model is only beneficial for industries to carry out work professionally.

Is artificial intelligence ready to hurt humans?

In another way, one may think that artificial intelligence can hurt human employees, depending on the training data. This can prove that GPT-3 is not for humans and only for machines to work efficiently and effectively. Thus, if anyone wants to experiment with AI models with the integration of OpenAI GPT-3, one must be very careful to carry on with the personal objectives. There can be murder threats or some serious consequences such as this AI microwave case in the nearby future.

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