The best skincare tools and beauty gadgets for your at-home toolkit

The future’s bright, the future’s beauty…

When you buy a gadget or an electrical – anything from the best hair straighteners to the best LED face masks – you want to make sure your investment is worth it. They’re often on the pricey side, so it’s important to know ahead of time that your money is going on something that does what is says it does. Team MC have reviewed some of the best beauty tools and gadgets on the market and we promise you that these are worth it.

The best beauty tools

Whether you choose one that buzzes, vibrates or smoothes, these high-tech gizmos solve almost any beauty dilemma and give you results akin to a professional treatment.

Some of the best skincare tools include super-smart face masks, microcurrent facial toning devices, and massage tools, that are able to stave off wrinkles and fight acne in the long term. Better still, the latest skincare tools make the products you apply afterwards work harder, says facialist Sarah Chapman.

Our hair care and body care routines can be just as high-tech as a self-driving car, too. Straighteners that prevent damage and IPL devices that make hair removal at home easier than ever.

Why the investment makes sense…

Still need convincing when it comes to the cost?

The initial outlay may seem daunting, but think about how much your last facial cost. A light therapy facial is a good example.

In Harvey Nichols, The Light Salon signature red LED treatment would set you back £45 for 25 minutes.

‘If you use the at-home LED mask three times a week over a four-week period, it delivers the equivalent dose as visiting The Light Salon once a week for the same period,’ says co-founder Laura Ferguson. ‘This means that over two years, the cost per wear is less than £1, making it a really worthwhile investment in your skin health.’

See our logic?

With this in mind, we’ve selected the best beauty tools and gadgets so you can navigate what really works and is worth spending your money on…

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