T-Mobile’s exclusive unlimited Google Photos option is here, and this is how you can get it

Google made a lot of its hardcore fans angry last year with a divisive and frankly inexplicable policy change, but if you happen to be a T-Mobile customer, you can now regain your cherished unlimited Photos hoarding rights… at a cost. Specifically, $15 a month, which we’re pretty sure at least some of you will agree is a relatively low price to pay for this sweet, sweet perk.

ace announced just a couple of weeks ago, T-Mo is not only eclipsing its US wireless industry arch-rivals (again) in a small but meaningful way, even one-upping Google itself with its second exclusive plan for the search giant’s cloud storage service .

More choice than ever, more choice than anyone else

In addition to being able to get a 500GB Google One tier in exchange for $5 a month, the “Un-carrier’s” subscribers have a special 2TB+ plan they can choose to enhance the “normal” $10 for 2TB subscription with unlimited Google Photos storage.

This way, you can ensure (once again) that all your photographs and videos will stay in (Google’s) cloud forever (or until Magenta changes its mind) at their original and full resolution even if you’re not part of the very small minority of smartphone users out there owning a Pixel 5 or “earlier .”

As you can imagine, redeeming this new T-Mobile benefit is (in theory) fairly straightforward starting today, although depending on your luck, completing the process detailed below may or may not work at the moment, according to a number of Redditors who’ve run into various errors so far.

How to sign up for the Google One 2TB + Unlimited Google Photos plan

  • Log in to T-Mobile.com or the T-Mobile app;
  • Access the Manage Add-Ons page by selecting Account, Plan & Usage Details, Manage Data and Add-Ons in the app or selecting Account and then Manage Add-ons on T-Mobile.com;
  • Select the checkbox next to the third option in the Cloud storage & backup section (pictured above);
  • Select Continue;
  • Select Agree & Submit on the Review your order page;
  • Agree to the terms & conditions;
  • Select the Activate Google One button when the “You’re almost done” page appears;
  • Enter your Google account email address and select Next (select Create account if you don’t have one already and follow the ensuing steps);
  • If you already have a Google One account, expect to encounter an error at this step, cancel your current account and then continue the process to activate a new subscription with T-Mobile;
  • Enter your password and select Next;
  • Allow T-Mobile to access your subscription by selecting the checkbox and then select Continue;
  • Download the official Google One app for your iPhone gold Android device to take full advantage of all of the platform’s features.

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