Stream is the new in-one internet TV service from Virgin

(Pocket-lint) – Virgin Media has announced an all-in-one TV service served via the internet rather than cable, called Stream.

Stream is more than just a box, it is a whole package of TV services from Virgin Media. It costs £35 for the internet-connected device, but you can then add TV and streaming services on a rolling 30-day payment system. There is no mandatory monthly contract.

Everything you subscribe to then appears on the one bill.

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The device itself is 4K-enabled and supports voice control. Its user interface can adapt to the streaming platforms you subscribe to. For example, if you add Netflix or Disney+, content from each will appear as part of the homescreen in their own rails.

However, if you don’t subscribe, you won’t be served their content so everything that appears is something you can watch at no extra cost.

Another interesting part of the Stream experience is that Virgin Media will refund 10 per cent of an add-on fee each month, so the more you add the more savings you get.

As mentioned, Netflix and Disney+ are available through Stream, as are StarzPlay, Sky Sports, BT Sport and other paid TV services that Virgin Media usually offers.

It will be available from Wednesday 27 April 2022.

Written by Rik Henderson.

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