School in the cloud: Internet bridges students and teachers

With the recent resurgence of COVID-19, students across Shanghai are taking classes online.

In Qingpu District, that has not affected the “personal touch” from committed teachers, whose care for their students breaks the barrier of space.

Via livesteaming rooms, hotlines and letters, they are still providing warm, personal care to their students and creating a loving bridge “in the cloud.”

The parents of a student surnamed Shen of the Primary School Affiliated to Qingpu Teachers Institute of Shanghai are working on the frontline in the battle against COVID-19, and he is being cared for by his grandparents.

Knowing about the situation, Qin Biyue, Shen’s class teacher, and several other teachers opened a livestreaming “classroom” with only one student, delivering online lessons to Shen almost every day.

Another teacher, Gong Saihua of Yuxiu School, moved the “loving mailbox” of the class to the cloud.

Since the online classes started, Gong has received over 30 letters from students. In one letter, student Xiao Yu was anxious about the looming high school entrance examination. So Gong worked patiently with her to relieve her anxiety.

All these “cloud letters” are narrowing the distance between teacher and student.

With the frequent changes of life under COVID-19, some students could not adapt to online classes. Guo Juan, a teacher at the Yuying Primary School, dedicated all her time to helping her students deal with this issue.

She opened a “air lounge,” following the daily life of the kids via video chats. She maintains communication with her students and ensures their psychological health as they go through this special period.

The air lounge has become the favorite online gathering place for the students to relax and brighten their life under lockdown at home.

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