Samsung offers free 256GB upgrade for Galaxy S22 devices – plus huge trade in deals

A number of awesome Galaxy S22 deals have hit the official Samsung Store this week, including not just enhanced trade-in rebates of up to $1,000 but also a free upgrade to a 256GB storage model.

Available on the standard Samsung Galaxy S22 (retails for $799), Galaxy S22 Plus ($999), and the lavish Galaxy S22 Ultra ($1,299), these deals are quite possibly the best we’ve seen yet on these stunning new Android flagship devices.

While it’s not unusual to see trade-in rebates all year round with Samsung Galaxy S22 deals, those are often exclusive to carrier devices. What makes the official Samsung Store a particularly good pick is that it offers not just Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile devices, but the choice to pick up a cheap unlocked device.

With the maximum trade-in rebates available today you’ll technically be able to pick up the standard Samsung Galaxy S22 for just $99 – an absolute bargain for such a powerful device. You can then pair it up with a prepaid or bring it to a major carrier, the choice is yours. Plus, you’ll fully own the device for whenever you want to trade in next time – with the extra added value for having a 256GB model, no less.

If you’re interested, there are plenty of other deals also available in this week’s pre-Mother’s Day sale at Samsung. We’ve rounded up a few favorites just down below but you can head directly to the sale using this link here.

Samsung Galaxy S22 free 256GB upgrade

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