Porch pirate steals items, returns to Clay County home because he ‘lost his phone’

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – You just can’t make this stuff up.

A Clay County homeowner said a porch pirate stole items from her front porch early Saturday morning — then came back later that day to ask the couple if they had seen his phone. (Watch videoabove)

Kymberli told News4JAX that her family’s home security camera captured footage of the man walking up to the home, located in the Bellaire-Meadowbrook Terrace area of ​​Orange Park, around 4:50 am where he was caught rummaging through their things. He can be seen grabbing multiple items and even using trash cans to collect items.

“He took a pair of Adidas flip flops, a skateboard, and a tool,” Kymberli said.

But making off like a thief in the night didn’t happen because he returned in broad daylight around 9 am Video shows the man returning to the scene of his theft — asking the homeowners if they had seen his phone.


“’I lost my cell phone last night,” the man could be heard saying on camera.

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Kymberli’s husband told the man they had not seen the phone and then he walked away.

“We wouldn’t grab it I promise you,” Kymberli’s husband kindly told the man.

Kymberli said the porch pirate took several items, but that when she saw him on the doorbell camera she told him to bring her things back or the police officers would be called. Kymberli said her husband was able to get back a pumpkin decoration — but everything else is still missing.


She posted the video to Nextdoor and people couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Several even commented on the crazy scenario.

“I would have asked for his name and another number in case it showed up and gave that to the police,” one person wrote.

“Your cellphone for my stuff you stole,” another person wrote.

The homeowners did not find a phone — but Kymberli did say the couple moved the remaining items from their front porch so something like this doesn’t happen again.

Kymberli said the police are aware of this incident but she said not much can be done without the man being identified.

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