Nintendo Switch Sports Launch Trailer Parties Like It’s 2006


Nintendo of America has launched its own equivalent trailer, above.

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The Switch has been in our homes for over five years, but with strong ongoing sales and a potential plan for it to be a relatively long generation, we’re still seeing some new strategies from Nintendo to keep fans on board. One is to bring back popular and previously dormant IPs, with the likes Mario Strikers: Battle League and Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp being examples, and another is to position the system as a unifying living room system for all to enjoy.

Wii Sports was the ultimate example of a game bringing players of all types together, and Nintendo Switch Sports arrives hoping to replicate some of the magic. Though technology has changed the concept is the same – stand in front of the TV with family and friends while waving a controller about.

The ‘Out Now’ launch trailer taps into this vibe, right down to recreating the feel of all those Wii commercials in 2006. Photogenic people in very nicely decorated living rooms, all having a fun time. To be fair, some of our living rooms will have similar scenes this weekend, albeit without all that advertising polish.

It’ll be interesting to see how Nintendo Switch Sports performs – will the sizeable Switch userbase be enough to elevate it to success, will it take off in the short term, and can it join the ranks of ‘evergreen’ games on the system that sell consistently for a number of years?

Time will tell; let us know in the comments if you’re planning to pick it up.

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