Netflix to boost its mobile games offering to 50 titles by the end of 2022

Netflix has been slowly building its games offering in an attempt to keep subscribers engaged with the service beyond movies and TV shows. Currently, the streaming service completely focuses on mobile, so don’t expect any PC or console games to come to Netflix anytime soon.

That being said, Netflix offers 18 mobile games to its subscribers, which can be downloaded directly from within the app. To show its commitment to this part of its service, Netflix recently bought a few game developers, including makers of Oxenfree, Night School Studio, Boss Fight Entertainment, and Next Games, the studio behind Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales.

last month, Netflix announced a partnership with Exploding Kittens for a mobile game and an animated series. now Washington Post reports that Netflix is ​​looking for “content opportunities around video games from every direction.”

The report also states that Netflix plans to expand its mobile games offering up to 50 titles by the end of the year. Netflix is ​​one of the few streaming services that decided to invest a lot of resources into video games adaptations. The Witcher, Cuphead, Castlevania, League of Legends, and more recently Exploding Kittens, are among the most popular TV shows offered by Netflix, which are based on video games.

It looks like Netflix was quite content by how these TV shows were received by subscribers, so it’s now trying to “build out a games business that can create synergy between what people watch and what they’re playing.” That seems like a great idea, but only if you’re into gaming.

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