Motorola delivers Android 12 update to another high-end 5G smartphone

Motorola has been releasing Android 12 updates for a bunch of smartphones in the last couple of weeks. After confirming the Edge 20 Pro will soon be getting the long-awaited update last week and actually releasing Android 12 for Moto G200 earlier this month, Motorola is now preparing a similar update for the G100.Although slightly older than the 5G-enabled Moto G200, the Moto G100 is getting the Android 12 update much sooner than we expected. as per XDA Developers’ report, Moto G100 owners in Brazil are now getting Android 12 on their phones, which hints at a rather limited roll-out for the time being.

The Moto G100 Android 12 update weighs in at around 1.5GB and includes the March security patch. Although Motorola has yet to reveal the availability of the update, we can safely assume that if the rollout continues as planned, Moto G100 users all over the world will be getting Android 12 in a matter of weeks.

This would be Moto G100’s first major Android update since its debut on the market back in April 2021. Technically, this means the phone 100% qualifies for an Android 13 update too, although it’s hard to tell when Motorola will be able to release that one.

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