Lee Anderson Column: I’ll not rest until residents get the phone signal they deserve

I have been contacted by hundreds of people in the Skegby area who are struggling to get a decent phone signal.

I have been in touch with many of you experiencing this problem.

I recently visited Daniel Holmes, at his home in Skegby, who has been struggling to get a decent phone signal for nearly four years.

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Lee Anderson, Ashfield MP.

He has gone through three different phone providers and still cannot get a good signal in his own home without standing in his garage.

He explained how this is especially frustrating when all he wants to do is check in with elderly relatives.

I also visited Alan and Pauline. Alan is aged 82 and his phone should act as a lifeline for him, but he can never get a signal.

I made a promise to Alan that I will not rest until he and everyone else affected gets the phone signal they deserved.

I have been working tirelessly to improve mobile phone signals across the constituency, writes Lee Anderson.

I met with Vodaphone which has since confirmed it has boosted the masts and tilted the antenna covering the Skegby area. I am pleased to hear customers should start to notice an improvement in their signal.

I have also been in contact with Three Mobile, which is looking to start work on its system shortly and ha s advised it will know more information in a couple of weeks’ time.

I am also pleased that this Friday, I have meetings with the chief executives of 02, Virgin Mobile and EE.

I will be pressing them for answers and solutions to the poor service customers in Ashfield have been experiencing.

Elsewhere in Ashfield, I visited residents who received an unwelcome service to their private property from Ashfield Council.

Out the back of their properties, the council instructed contractors to knock trees down for a new development, with a stream acting as a natural barrier to the homes and gardens that already exist.

Despite protests and complaints from residents, these contractors cut down trees on these residents’ private property.

I have told the residents to report this activity to the police.

This is unacceptable from the council and I believe residents deserve an apology.

I will be taking this up with the council.

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