ISP Zen Internet Move to Tackle FTTP Broadband Speed ​​Issues

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Over the past few weeks a small number of Zen Internet’s UK broadband customers – primarily those on their Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) packages – have reported a drop in speed, which in some cases has been significant. The issue seems to relate to a platform migration, but thankfully the ISP has now resolved “most” of it.

Customer feedback suggests that the situation may relate to Zen’s ongoing Project Plexus programme, which started in 2016 (here) and partly reflects their efforts to unbundle more exchanges from BT (ie giving themselves greater control over various aspects). Generally, this has all gone very well.

However, over the past few weeks we have received sporadic complaints about a drop in FTTP speeds, which appears to have followed a recent platform migration (ie switching from BT Wholesale and / or TalkTalk backhaul links to their own GEA Cablelinks for data capacity – cutting out the middleman, as it were).

Such migrations would normally result in either a performance gain or no appreciable difference for the customer, thus it’s unusual to see the opposite. The best example of this issue can currently be found on TBB’s Forum via a whopping 14-page thread, which dates all the way back to late March.

John Lyons, Zen’s Technology Director, told

“We are aware of an interoperability issue that is impacting a small minority of our FTTP customers post-migration. We take our customer experience seriously and are investigating this, working with our technical partners’ engineers.

We’ve made changes that have resolved this in most known cases, but for anyone still experiencing issues we invite them to contact our customer service team directly so we can work together to resolve.”

The situation is perhaps a useful reminder that FTTP, while a million miles better than older copper line broadband services, can still suffer from speed issues when problems occur within an ISPs own network. We do see similar speed gripes pop-up, from time to time, with other full fiber providers (different causes), so Zen are by no means alone. The good news is that the current issues don’t appear to have hit a large number of customers.

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