Internet Wants Elon Musk to Know What He Could’ve Done With $44 bn

Elon Musk acquired Twitter for around $44 billion and presented himself as a crusader of sorts for free speech. Many Twitter users begged to differ. Even as public opinion remained split over what the Tesla boss’ Twitter takeover would mean for the platform, meme-makers had a gala time. One of the big points to arise when it comes to world’s richest man Musk and his wealth, is the issue of whether or not his wealth could solve world hunger. Whether or not that would be actually achievable continues to be debated. Once again, his acquisition of Twitter in the $44 billion deal stoked that debate. Many Twitter users could be found suggesting what use Musk could have put those billions of dollars to, instead of buying the bird app.

Sometimes, the suggestions were as serious as ending world hunger to- well-making an Iron Man suit.

Earlier, when Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter, the news created a flurry on the microblogging site with users speculating on what lay ahead. In the meantime, the astronomical sum of $43 billion stood out for many who realized that the amount is enough to bail out the debt-ridden country, Sri Lanka. The country’s economy has crashed and it needs $45 billion USD to get out of this crisis. This led netizens to suggest that Musk should bail out Sri Lanka instead of buying Twitter.

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