Homemade Robots (built with household materials)

Gadget Book: Homemade Robots (built with household materials)

Described as an easy-to-follow, all ages project book, it covers a range of mobile, autonomous bots that can be built using relatively common household materials. For example, the Skitter Bot uses a Bic pen with toothbrushes for legs (as well as a single motor and a DPDT toggle switch).


The publishers, No Starch Press, write:

“From the teetering Wobbler to the rolling Barreller, each bot is self-driving and has a unique personality. There’s the aptly named Inchworm Bot made of aluminum rulers; Buffer, a street sweeper-like bot that polishes the floor as it walks; and Sail Bot, which changes direction based on the wind.”

“Randy Sarafan’s hacker approach to sculptural robotics will appeal to builders of all ages. You’ll learn basic electronics, get comfortable with tools and mechanical systems, and gain the confidence to explore further on your own. A wide world of robots is yours to discover, and Homemade Robots is the perfect starting point.”

You can read a sample chapter online.


The author, Randy Sarafan, has worked for Instructables.com for more than a decade (runs the Instructables Community Team), publishing more than 300 how-to articles for the web, book compilations and magazines on a wide range of subjects.

He is also the author of 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer (Workman Publishing).

Homemade Robots details

Title: Homemade Robots – 10 Simple Bots to Build with Stuff Around the House
Author:Randy Sarafan
Publisher: No Starch Press
Price: $17.99
Pages: 192
Format: Paper/e-book
ISBN: 9781718500235
Date: August 2021

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