Here’s how to install the Nothing Launcher before the release of the Nothing phone (1)

Nothing has just released the beta for its user interface, so that you can get a taste of the experience of using a Nothing phone before it comes out.

Nothing is a new company that aims to make the world of tech more accessible, and to that end it plans to release its very first smartphone in the summer of 2022. If you’re one of the fans fervently looking forward to the release of the mysterious Nothing phone (1), then you can get a little forestaste of the fun by downloading the Nothing Launcher, which made its debut on the Google Play Store on April 28.

What we used

We used the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, but you can use any device from the following list of compatible smartphones:

The Short Version

  • Download the Nothing Launcher (Beta) from the Google Play Store
  • Go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Default Home App
  • Select Nothing Launcher
  1. step

    Download launcher from the Google Play Store

    To do this, open up the Google Play Store on a compatible smartphone, search “nothing launcher beta”, and select the app that appears like the one in the picture below:

  2. step

    Set your new default launcher

    Follow this path Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Default Home Apps to change the launcher that your phone is currently using.

  3. step

    Select Nothing Launcher

    Now, simply set the Nothing Launcher as your default home app, and explore the new look of your home screen!


How can you uninstall the Nothing launcher?

First, go into Settings > Default Apps > Default Home Apps, and select an alternative launcher as your default home app. Then, go to Settings > Apps, tap on Nothing Launcher Beta, and choose Uninstall

What new features come with the Nothing launcher?

The main changes are to the wallpaper and sound effects, the addition of new clock and weather widgets in Nothing’s pixelated style, and the ability to enlarge app icons or app folders.

How can I give feedback on this launcher beta?

If you’d like to contact Nothing to tell them how you feel about the launcher, you can contact the team at

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