Genshin Impact Players Shows What Happens if Transport is Destroyed During Commission

A Genshin Impact fan shares what happens if players refuse to finish the quest ‘Urgent Repairs,’ which is one of the four Daily Commissions.

Genshin Impact has a very busy update schedule which constantly brings new content to the game. However, some activities are permanent, and they are a part of many players’ daily routine. One of those activities are the four Daily Commissions which provide players with various rewards including the precious Primogems which are used for wishing on the game’s banners.

Genshin Impact players unlock this feature once they reach Adventure Rank 12 and finish the “Every Day a New Adventure” world quest. Each of the four Commissions are fairly easy to do which gave a player the idea to find out what happens if he refuses to finish one of the quests.


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A post on the official Genshin Impact subreddit shows an interesting video featuring Ayaka doing one of the Daily Commissions named “Urgent Repairs.” The Commission takes place in two Mondstadt locations, Springvale and Windwail Highland, and it requires players to defend a transportation unit from Hilichurls until it reaches a specific location. While this Commission is one of the easiest quests in the game, Redditor Smoshy_Bacon has revealed what happens if the enemies actually manage to destroy the transport. whilemost Genshin Impact fans in the comment section claim that they were expecting the mission to reset, the video shows that the transport simply respawns with 50% health.

Observing the daylight change, it’s safe to say that it took at least five to ten minutes for the unit to get destroyed. The character featured in the video is Kamisato Ayaka, and she is currently obtainable as part of the ongoing second banner cycle for Genshin Impact update 2.6. She was originally added to the character roster in the first Inazuma update back in update 2.0.

Ayaka is considered one of the strongest DPS characters in Genshin Impact as her Elemental damage can hardly be matched by any other unit in the game. She has a great synergy with her brother, Kamisato Ayato, who was released as part of the first banner cycle where he was paired with the Anemo support Venti. The siblings can trigger the Elemental reaction Frozen which allows players to stun and apply Cryo status to enemies.

Players who want to pull for Ayaka should try to get her as soon as possible since her limited banner is set to expire on May 10. However, saving their Genshin Impact Primogems would not be the worst thing in the world as the game’s official social media accounts already confirmed two brand-new characters that will arrive in the next update. Those characters include the Hydro five-star Yelan and the Electro four-star Kuki Shinobu.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development with no confirmed release date.

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