Every Gadget In The Batman Ranked Worst To Best

In previous iterations such as Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight,’ the batsuit’s cowl comes equipped with various visual-aid devices that can slide down over the Caped Crusader’s eyes and enhance his stealthy tactical prowess.

In “The Batman,” Robert Pattinson’s crime-fighter wears a pair of contacts that act as believable low-resolution video cameras. Since this is a detective story foremost, Batman spends considerable time reviewing his footage from the film’s first gruesome crime scene. This is a practical gadget. Director Matt Reeves’ Dark Knight is a vigilant outlaw with a tense relationship with Gotham’s corrupt police department. It’s not like he can take crime scene photos, so the Go-Pro style footage comes in handy.

There’s also a plot reason for the lenses not being attached to the cowl. At one point, Batman gives Selina Kyle (ZoĆ« Kravitz), aka Catwoman, a pair of the covert contacts to spy on the mobsters and corrupt city officials who congregate in the club where she works as a cocktail waitress. Like everything else in Reeves’ script, this tool is also reasonably plausible by 2022 standards. Refreshingly, there’s no truly fake technology in the film. A version of these lenses is in development by both Google and Samsung. Neither has come to market as of the release of “The Batman,” so for the slight sci-fi fib, this gadget gets last place.

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