Emmerdale fans predict frightening end to Noah’s creepy Chloe stalking amid phone tracker

Emmerdale’s obsessive Noah Dingle has ramped up his stalking of his ex Chloe Harris on the ITV soap in disturbing scenes

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Emmerdale: Noah stalks Chloe with mobile tracker

Emmerdale fans have predicted frightening scenes could be coming for Chloe Harris and Noah Dingle after the latest installment of the ITV soap.

Noah’s friendship with Chloe has taken a dark turn this week after he pulled her phone from her purse when her back was turned and installed a tracking app on it.

During Friday’s episode, Noah began to track Chloe’s whereabouts as his unhealthy obsession with her reaches new heights.

Noah repeatedly popped up at locations across the village after Chloe had appeared, leaving many Emmerdale fans concerned about how the storyline could pan out as Noah’s behavior becomes increasingly threatening.

Emmerdale viewers took to Twitter to predict a dark ending for Noah, with one writing: “Noah is a few steps away from committing a crime,” as another chimed: “I’ll give it 6 months before Noah is put on the sex offender’s list.”

Noah’s friendship with Chloe has taken a dark turn



“Noah needs locking up!” another wrote as a fellow viewer suggested: “Noah is going to grow up to become a sexual predator as he’s showing all the trademarks.”

Another wrote: “Noah is such a creepy little freak! Hope he gets locked up!”

This comes after ITV spoilers have revealed how the stalking storyline will worsen on the soap, as Chloe reveals that she’s lost her phone and he eagerly heads to find it, knowing where it is all along.

Later, after Chloe’s plans with Nate start to go awry, Noah offers Chloe his tickets for an escape room, putting him back in her good books as his plotting starts to take effect.

Noah began to track Chloe’s whereabouts



But unbeknownst to Chloe, Noah has bought himself a new drone and is soon hovering it outside her bedroom window – recording Chloe without her knowledge or consent.

The next day, Noah gets advice from Mackenzie on how to win Chloe back. But when Chloe has coffee with Jacob, she leaves her bag unattended – and Noah takes her house keys.

Noah uses the keys to get into the house and is quickly snooping around Chloe’s bedroom, when he suddenly hears the door slam downstairs when Chloe comes home.

Noah hides in Chloe’s wardrobe – but how long will it be before Noah’s found out?

Noah repeatedly popped up at locations across the village after Chloe had appeared



Jessie Elland, who plays Chloe, recently said her storyline will go in a “very interesting” direction.

She told Digital Spy: “She thinks he’s turned over a new leaf and is keen to patch up this relationship and be friends with him.”

Jessie said, adding that she takes Noah’s manipulative apologies and behavior in good faith at first because her energy is going into “everything that’s going on with Nate”.

“It’s such a relevant conversation, especially in this day and age, and I think it’s really great that stories like that are being taken on,” she added.

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