‘Destiny 2’ Leak Reveals Returning ‘Destiny 1’ Exotic For Season 17

Turns out that when you write a 9,000 word blog post and have to translate that across multiple languages, some things may…be missed. That’s what happened with Destiny 2 and last week’s TWAB, which accidentally revealed a returning Destiny 1 exotic arriving in season 17.

In a section listing “outliers” for Destiny 2’s new Airborne Effectiveness stat coming in season 17, a [REDACTED] exotic is listed, meaning it’s something that’s about to happen. The problem? It was not redacted in Japanese, and players were quickly able to deduce that it was in fact The Trespasser, the exotic sidearm that arrived in Rise of Iron in Destiny 1.

I barely remember Trespasser as Rise of Iron was not exactly my most engaged time with Destiny, so here’s a refresher on some of the perks it had back then:

Be the Danger – This weapon fires bursts of bullets with deadly accuracy

Relentless Tracker – Kills with this weapon grant enhanced motion tracker resolution for a short time

Unrepentant – Reloading after a kill causes the next purse to be a longer, more powerful superburst

So I mean, not the most exciting weapon on earth, but it has its fans, and it also has a very high base Airborne Accuracy stat at 29. Though Traveler’s Chosen has a 35.

Destiny 2 does not have a ton of exotic sidearms, so Trespasser (which is arc) fills that gap a little bit. We just have Traveler’s Chosen, Devil’s Ruin, Rat King and Cryosthesia 77K. Also Forerunner as a special, but that doesn’t really count. Really none of these have ever gone through an era of being overpowered in any meaningful capacity, and even as a sidearm lover, I’m normally not using my exotic slot for any of these, rather relying on my collection of legendary sidearms instead.

How will Trespasser show in Destiny next season? random drop? New quest? The official lore of the gun is that it’s Shiro-4’s sidearm, though I would be surprised if we actually saw him return. I doubt it will be the season pass exotic because those are always new and not Destiny 1 reprisals. We still have a couple dozen Destiny 1 exotics that still have not made their way to the game yet, but we are starting to run low on most of the major iconic ones. Icebreaker, Necrochasm and Touch of Malice are probably the big ones that have yet to return, though if guesses are correct and King’s Fall is coming back this year, we’ll get one of them for sure.

So yeah, get those Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves ready for next season, Trespasser is on the way.

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