Dedicated Genshin Impact Player Does Their Dailies Right After Surgery

Due to the fact that Genshin Impact gives away plenty of great rewards for completing daily missions, one fan does their commissions in the hospital.

While many aspects of gaming benefit from the evolution of technology, there’s something to be said about just how much mobile gaming has changed in the last few years. Players have gone from apps that only feature small puzzles and challenges to games that allow them to explore entire worlds on their smartphones. Genshin Impact sees players traverse many areas like the Spiral Abyss throughout their playthrough, and one dedicated player decided to work on their daily missions right after surgery.


Like many other mobile titles, Genshin Impact is a game that is free to play and uses a daily log-in and daily missions system to encourage fans to come back each day. For those who complete these missions before they reset at 2 AM Pacific time, they can claim about 60 Primogems, among many other rewards. Completing their daily commissions in succession will give players rare Story Keys, so these missions have become rather important to regular players as a result.

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This had led to one fan on Reddit who just underwent a surgical procedure to grab their tablet to do their Genshin Impact daily commissions while in the hospital. The player, u/Lost-Adventure, has also shared a picture showing them working through the Tales of Winter commission while lying down in their hospital bed. Fittingly, the comments of the post are filled with other fans wishing them a speedy recovery.

The idea of ​​players doing their dailies after prominent events in their lives is a bit of a running joke among Genshin Impact players. Lost-Adventure even states in their post that they were inspired by @genshashin on Twitter to make their own version. Genshashin has been seen making similar jokes when going on vacation to other countries, as well as playing through their commissions during a wedding, complete with photographic evidence.

Genshin Impact commissions are random, either changing between regions each day or matching players’ regions of choice. Despite the fact that Lost-Adventure should be resting, many players have noted that the particular mission they’re playing in the screenshot is a rare, hard-to-get Mondstadt quest that players prefer to the other, more tedious options.

Due to how rare the commission is, many players are agreeing that they would also play Genshin Impact after surgery if they knew they had that daily mission waiting for them upon logging in. Lost-Adventure has yet to reply to the good wishes left on their post, but it’s clear that many players understand and admire the players’ dedication to HoYoverse’s popular game.

Genshin Impact is available now on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, and PS5 with a Nintendo Switch port in development.

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