Cell phone tower collapses near Nellis, Tropicana, crashing down feet from businesses, homes

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A cell tower fell late last week, crashing just feet from homes and waking up neighbors.

“I just heard like a boom and the house shaked,” said Las Vegas resident Elias Peinado.

It was a rude awakening for Peinado who lives directly across the street from where the cell phone tower collapsed early Friday morning.

“Then I just got up to look around the house to see if something happened because that was really strong.”

He said it was too close for comfort.

“It could have been worse if it went to this side because the equipment, they have is very heavy,” said Peinado. “I was really afraid when I found out that it could’ve gone to my house. We could get killed or hurt or damage to the house and the cars.”

Wires and metal still lay on the ground where the cell tower collapsed.

Crews said they will return some of the wires back to the cell phone companies and the rest to the scrap yard.

One woman who was visiting her sister at an apartment across the street from where the cell tower fell said she has had issues getting her phone to connect since she arrived Friday afternoon.

“Usually when I am here at my sister’s house the service is fine,” said a woman from Los Angeles who did not want to be identified. This weekend he kept wanting to connect to his internet. I kept saying why is it doing this. So, it is not really working and I don’t remember having this issue before.”

A rep from AT&T said people living in the area may experience spotty wireless service following recent high winds that caused damage to the cell tower and it is working to have a mobile cell site implemented to help alleviate impacts to service.

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