Best Three Mobile phone deals (April 2022)

United Kingdom’s third largest carrier is aptly named Three and has been on an up and coming trajectory ever since its inception back in 2003, so we are rounding up the best Three phone deals that are available right now for your choosing pleasure.

Of course, the naming scheme comes because Three was inaugurated on the day when 3G connectivity went live in the UK, but we digress from the phone offers and discounts that are currently on sale at the carrier. Jump to:

Three phone deals right now

Three has a running deal for the best iPhones and Galaxies out there at the moment that is giving away a free Amazon gift card worth £100 that can be had as a nice enticement towards your phone and plan subscription. The carrier also has the lowest phone-with-plan monthly charge prices among UK carriers and is adamant that you know it with a neat summation how much you are saving exactly per month when you get a phone deal on Three.

Best iPhone deals on Three UK

Three will throw in a free Amazon gift card with an iPhone purchase, worth £100, to apply to a purchase of your choosing from the retail giant. Moreover, it vows to beat everyone else’s Unlimited plan deals on an iPhone purchase at Three, so let’s see what’s on offer.
  • iPhone 13 deal on Three: A cheaper monthly fee on Unlimited. Three is offering a discount on the lowly iPhone 13 that nets it for you at £54 monthly with an Unlimited data plan. The upfront costs on your part are just £50. That’s, as the carrier puts it, £11 cheaper per month than our biggest competitors on Unlimited, with the usual disclaimers that apply.

Apple iPhone 13

Unlimited plan, £100 Amazon gift card, 3 months free Apple TV+

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max deal on Three: just £67 a month on a 100GB plan. For the best iPhone money can buy at the moment, Three has a special £67 monthly fee offer, but it is not on a true Unlimited, but rather a 100GB plan. That means you may be throttles after hitting the cap, but, unless you are one of those digital nomads that only use their phone as a hotspot, 100GB should go a long way in your monthly consumption habits.

Best Samsung phone deals on Three

For Samsung phones, Three is offering deals that differ slightly from those it has for iPhones. You still net a free Amazon gift card worth £100 with a purchase, but the combination of plans you can get Samsung Galaxy phones on Three with is different, as well as the duration and type of free streaming service subscription that Three offers with them.

  • Samsung Galaxy A53 deal on Three: Get it for just £37.00 a month with an Unlimited plan. Not only does the Galaxy A53 offers nice camera and 5G connectivity, but it can be had for only £37 a month with £19 upfront costs, plus the typical for Samsung’s phones Disney+ deal. If you want to go downmarket and still have a great phone that will do the vast majority of your daily tasks with aplomb, Three’s offer on the midrange Samsung Galaxy A53 has got you covered.

Best Xiaomi phone deals on Three

If you want to be different than the rest of the pack and carry a Xiaomi phone instead of a Samsung Galaxy or an Apple iPhone, Three has you covered with a great deal on a Xiaomi flagship handset that throws in a free smartwatch of the same brand .

Xiaomi 12 Pro deal on Three: Get a free Xiaomi S1 watch with a purchase. Tea Xiaomi 12 Pro deal on Three nets you the phone for £59 a month on an unlimited data plan with just £50 of initial outlay. That’s not all there is to it, though, as it Xiaomi also gives buyers its S1 smartwatch for free which is an extra £199 value added to the enticement of the deal.

Are Three phone deals worth it?

Yes, if you are looking for a phone plus a plan deal, you can hardly beat Three’s offers in the UK. The carrier promises eleven pounds sterling less per month than the competition for the same phone on unlimited plans and it manages to deliver.

Moreover, with Three’s Advanced plans, you can unlock your data plan for use abroad in more than 71 countries in many geographical regions – starting from a low daily charge of £2 in Europe and £5 in the rest of the globe.

Can I keep my number if I switch to Three?

Yes, you can keep any carrier number you’ve had at an UK carrier so far. If, for example, you are moving from an EE phone and plan and your contract with them has expired you can text PAC to 65075 to get your PAC code.

Then you need to choose a phone and plan from the best Three phone deals here and order one online or in store. Ring Three’s customer support team on 0333 338 1001 and give them the PAC number you obtained from EE.

How easy is it to switch to Three?

Very easy, as your current carrier is mandated to ensure you get your PAC number needed to unsubscribe to you in the span of no more than two hours, so the PAC shouldn’t be an issue.

Three will then activate your phone on their network with your old EE number but save the original SIM card number just in case as the carriers don’t do number transfers on weekends or during bank holidays.

How good is Three’s coverage in the UK?

Very good, especially in downtown and highly trafficked areas. Despite that it started as a budget carrier in the UK, and to a great extent remains that concept, Three’s total network coverage footprint has been gradually increasing to reach 99% of the UK population.

As far as Three’s cell phone coverage area is concerned, it’s not as large as EE’s 4G LTE blanket, but then again Three has much cheaper plans and phones to offer.
Of course, the population statistic could very well mean that the main centers like the big cities and trafficked highways are covered, but in villages and out in the boondocks you might not get enough coverage from Three. That’s true for every carrier, though, so we’d advise that you grab a prepaid SIM card from Three and check the coverage in the areas you frequent the most before purchasing a phone and plan from Three.

Three prepaid SIM card

50GB pay-as-you-go monthly plan

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