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Whether stories take place in a sci-fi, fantasy, or modern setting, there are always two major opposing forces. They take various names but draw from either being on the side of creating or destroying. Tea Genshin Impact universe is vast with so much vibrant life and energy, but there are plenty of forces aiming to disrupt and destroy it.

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However, there are those wounded with control over destructive powers who are able to wield them with care and precision. This applies to the Pyro elemental which can be dangerous if not handled properly by magic users like the young character Klee.


Who Is Klee?

Even though Klee is a Pyro-user wielding a catalyst, she also has destruction in her background. She’s the child of a person named Alice, an adventurer with a reputation for causing chaos wherever she chooses to explore. In a case of like mother, like daughter, Klee also has destructive tendenciesdespite her child-like innocence.

This proves to be quite troublesome for the Knights Of Favonius who have agreed to take her in and train her. Being a DPS, all of her abilities are tailored towards damage with an explosive angle that makes for more AoE attacks and splash effects.

The Best Team For Klee

Klee is a very explosive attacker, literally. Her Jumpy-Dumpty lets her bounce and explode with each landing while her Sparks’n’Splash will continuously deal AoE damage to nearby enemies. Since this gives Klee a lot of influence over the field, having teammates that can benefit from that is wise. Here are the best options.


Since AoE attacks are Klee’s specialty, it would be a good idea to have a way to get groups of enemies in one place. Enter Venti, this happy bard is an Anemo-user who plays from afar with his bow. With his tunes, this companion is able to launch enemies around or pull them to a point.

By using Skyward SonnetVenti can deal damage while sending enemies high into the air and his Wind’s Gran Ode creates a suction that pulls multiple enemies into its center. With this crowd control, Klee can use her blasts more effectively.


With such an emphasis on exploding, Klee is bound to get a few scrapes here and there. When that does happen, you’ll want the support of the catalyst-wielding Hydro-user Barbara. Although she’s able to use attacks that affect multiple enemies, Barbara’s skills are made to heal and recover Klee and her teammates.

Let The Show Begin covers enemies in water that will heal your team when they get attacked while Shining Miracle is a straightforward mass-healing ability.


Although fire and ice continue to be at odds, they make for a natural balance. To Klee’s Pyro, you should consider Chongyun’s claymore and Cryo powers. Much like Klee, Chongyun is able to dish out lots of damage in an AoE range.

His Layered Frost ability summons ice swords that strike around the field send enemies into the air and can be combined with his Steady Breathing so that the party gains an attack speed boost. This makes for a devastating and efficient AoE DPS partnership.

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