Best EE phone deals in April 2022

EE is one of the main four service providers in the UK, and it has managed to stay on top with the great speeds it offers, as well as other benefits such as the ability to gift data to friends or use Wi-Fi to call ( of course, these depend on your plan). But, because of that, the carrier is a bit more expensive compared to the competition. If you want to get a phone with EE, you can benefit from some of the deals the carrier has live right now so you don’t lose and arm and a leg for your next phone.

Keep in mind that the monthly prices of the phones listed here all depend on the EE plan you choose.

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EE phone deals right now

ЕЕ currently has some great deals on the hottest phones out there, including the iPhone 13 and the Galaxy S22. Some budget-friendly phones are also discounted. Keep in mind that deals on carriers change often, so if you don’t find your preferred phone in this list, do not despair: it would probably get discounted down the line as well.

Best EE iPhone deals

The carrier currently has the iPhone 13 and the new and hot-out-of-the-oven iPhone SE third-gen with an exciting offer, depending on the network plan you decide to go for.
  • iPhone 13 deal at EE: get up to three smart benefits offer. EE is now offering Apple Music, Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ as smart benefits (depending on your plan), as well as additional subscription services you can choose from. The Unlimited data plan allows for three of the offered subscriptions to be added. If you don’t want an Unlimited plan, you can get 1 smart benefit even with the 4GB Data plan. Keep in mind there is a cost to pay upfront with EE, so do check all the conditions before choosing the best network plan for you.
  • iPhone SE (2022) save £96 with trade-in deal. For the first budget-friendly 5G iPhone, the iPhone SE 2022, EE is offering a nice trade-in discount that you can take if you trade in an iPhone 7 or newer. Additionally, the smart benefits we mentioned above are also present here with select EE plans for the iPhone SE. If you chose the Unlimited data plan, you get 3 smart benefits. You can choose between Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+ and others.

Best EE Samsung Galaxy deals

On the Samsung Galaxy front, EE has a few more offers than in the iPhone department, on the premium Galaxy S22 Ultra, as well as more budget-friendly models by the South Korean company.

  • Galaxy S22 Ultra save £240 with trade-in deal. EE has a pretty good offer on the newest Samsung Galaxy flagship phone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra. With this deal, you can save £240 with trading in a Samsung phone, and the cool thing is, that the trade-in Galaxy can be in any condition to benefit from the offer. This offer expires on April 28, so if you’re interested, we would advise that you hurry. Apart from that, EE also offers smart benefits (depending on the plan). In this case, it is Netflix you can get, with the 4GB Data plan, the 40GB one, the 100GB one and the Unlimited data plan. Details on the offer below.
  • Galaxy S22 save £240 with trade-in deal. The same EE deal is present for the vanilla Galaxy S22 as well. You can get this good trade-in discount applied in bill credits with a Galaxy phone in any condition. This discount, pretty much, helps you save £14 a month with trade-in (deal expires April 28). Apart from that, the Netflix smart benefit offer mentioned above is valid here as well, in case you decide not to trade-in your phone.
  • Galaxy A52s claim Buds Live for free deal, ends April 26. EE has an offer for the Galaxy A52s for a limited time, and you can claim an earbuds set of the Galaxy Buds Live with it. The deal is available for all the plans the service provider offers (except the 40GB data plan), so if you’ve been thinking about getting this phone, you can now do so and get a Galaxy Buds Live for free with your phone purchase.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

Get a pair of Buds Live for free; ends April 26

  • Galaxy A33 save £144 with trade-in deal. EE has got a trade-in offer for the budget-friendly Galaxy A33 5G as well, and with this deal, the phone is now even more affordable. This offer also expires on April 28, so do keep that in mind. The Galaxy A33 deal can help you save up to £144 in bill credits. Apart from that, depending on the plan you decide to go for, you can enjoy smart benefits here as well (three for the Unlimited data plan, one for the other available plans).
  • Galaxy A22 save £96 deal. EE is currently discounting the budget Galaxy A22 with 5G, and you can save £96. Here, you can benefit from one smart benefit, and the plans that have smart benefits are the 4GB data plan and the 40GB data plan. Smart benefits for this phone include BT Sport, Prime Video, BritBox, and Apple Music, and the plans are for 24 months.

Best Sony Xperia deals at EE

If you’re looking for a Sony Xperia phone, worry not: EE has got you covered with a deal on the hot Sony Xperia 5 III right now. Other Sony Xperia deals are not present at the moment with the carrier, but as we mentioned in the beginning of the article, carrier deals change often so this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of luck if you’ve chosen another device. That being said, onto the Sony Xperia deal at EE.

  • Sony Xperia 5 III deal at EE, save £96. Right now, you can save £96 on EE for the Sony Xperia 5III. Additionally, the carrier also has smart benefits offers here as well, with the 4GB data plan, the 10GB, 100GB, and the Unlimited data plan options (for the Unlimited one, you get three smart benefits, by the way, but you can also have only one if you want).

Best Oppo deals at EE

EE also has a couple of hot offers on phones by Oppo. As all the offers in this article, these ones are also related to the plan you choose, so keep that in mind.

  • Oppo Find X5 5G save up to £116 EE deal. This deal expires on April 28, so you might want to hurry if you want to get this offer on EE for the Oppo Find X5. With the 4GB and 1GB plans, on the other hand, you can save £96 with the same offer. Understandably, those discounts are applied in bill credits, so you can save from your monthly payments. Apart from that, the carrier has smart benefits options here as well, including a two-year Netflix subscription with any plan that has smart benefits.

  • Oppo Find X5 Lite EE deal 10GB, 1GB, and 4GB plans discounted (bill credits). EE has an offer on the Find X5 Lite that would help you save on your monthly payments if you decide to go for the 10GB, 1GB or 4GB data plans. If you don’t want one of those, the carrier also offers smart benefits deal for its plans, and as the offer above, you can get two years of Netflix subscription with any plan with a smart benefit.

Are EE phone deals worth it?

We are not going to sugar coat it: EE is one of the most expensive carriers in the UK. However, in its defense, it is focused on ultra-high speeds of its mobile networks, and it manages to justify the plan prices. And EE phone deals are definitely worth it, especially if you’re interested in one of the smart benefit options that the service provider has. With that, you can get services such as Apple Music that usually costs £9.99 a month included with your plan (if you’re looking into iPhones), or two-year Netflix subscriptions for select Android phones, which is, definitely, quite the tempting offer.

On the other hand, EE also has Family plans that let you share data, and as we already mentioned, excellent coverage, especially for 4G (it is the fastest 4G network in the UK).

Can I keep my number if I switch to EE?

Yes. You need to get your PAC number from your previous carrier, which can be done by simply contacting them and asking for it. The PAC code will be valid for 30 days. In case your phone number is no longer valid, your previous carrier will have instructions for you. If you need any help with the process, you can also visit EE’s help center.

Once you get the PAC code, you should give it to EE and they should transfer your old number to their services. You may need to save the number which came with your new EE SIM just in case you need to use it before your old number is transferred to your new carrier. The carrier doesn’t switch numbers during bank holidays or over the weekend, so do keep that in mind when planning for your switch.

How easy it is to switch to EE?

Switching to EE is quite easy, as the network provider will do the most when it comes to switching. As mentioned in the point above, you will need your PAC code to transfer your number, but after that, the carrier will take care of things surrounding the switching.

The process is relatively quick. EE will switch you to their services the next working day. In case you’ve submitted your request after 5.30pm Monday to Friday or any time at the weekend, the carrier will transfer your phone number in two days.

In case you’re not an EE customer, we also have a selection with the best O2 phone deals right now, so you might want to check that out as well.

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