A Hands-On Guide to Designing Embedded Systems

It walks you through the design of an embedded system, from concept and requirements to FPGA and reliability, and the authors actually designed and manufactured the board covered in the book.

Gadget Book: A Hands-On Guide to Designing Embedded SystemsThe publishers, Artech House, write:

“The book provides a framework from which to work and approach development of embedded systems that will give readers a better understanding of the issues at hand and can develop solution which presents lower technical and programmatic risk and a faster time to market. Programmatic and system considerations are introduced, providing an overview of the engineering life cycle when developing an electronic solution from concept to completion.”

“The FPGA development lifecycle and the inputs and outputs from each stage, including design, test benches, synthesis, mapping, place and route and power estimation, are also presented. Finally, the importance of reliability, why it needs to be considered, the current standards that exist, and the impact of not considering this is explained.”

It covers such topics as Design Life Cycles, Requirement Capture, Hardware Architecture, PCB Layout Considerations, FPGA Development Overview, State Machines, Interfacing ADC and DAC, Worst Case Analysis and Reliability Figure Calculations, among others…

One of the authors, Adam Taylor, has kindly added to the description, in the Comments section below. I quote:

The book walks you through the design of an embedded system, from concept and requirements to FPGA and reliability – SW elements will be on a website, as the software is very much more in depth and requires more than words in book can provide.

Crucially what is different with the book however is we actually designed and manufactured the board we talked about in the book. The board exists and works, and there will be several blogs and a new website dedicated to bring up and development of the application software. The design is based around a Zynq with associated memories WIFI sensors etc. it is also open source such that anyone who wants to see or reuse the design can, we are making the design source available through Altium 365.

As with a previous Artech House publication I covered – EW 105 Space Electronic Warfare – this one is aimed at professionals, as the price suggests. Someone with access to company expenses, I would hope.

Author Author

The authors of the book are Adam Taylor, Dan Binnun and Saket Srivastava

Adam Taylor is founder and lead consultant at Adiuvo Engineering & Training and he is a Senior Member of IEEE, Dan Binnun is a co-founder and president of E3 DESIGNERS, and Saket Srivastava is a senior lecturer and program leader in electrical engineering at the University of Lincoln.

Book details

Title: A Hands-On Guide to Designing Embedded Systems
Author: Adam Taylor, Dan Binnun, Saket Srivastava
Publisher: Artech House
Price: £129.00
Pages: 310
ISBN: 9781630816834
Date: Nov-2021

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