10 Things Video Games Really Need To Stop Doing

While video games have evolved mechanically and visually in a ton of wonderful ways, they’re capable of being as flawed as any other medium.

For every revolutionary feature we can’t believe nobody thought of earlier and genre-blend that changes the definition of what games can be, there are those little painful things we just kind of wish games would stop doing.

Fair warning: We’re going to be getting very granular here, but as much as we celebrate the vast majority of our favorite games for everything they got right, this is our little safe space to point the finger at some video game cliches and pitfalls that kind of sucks.

10. Not Letting You Play The Bit That Looks Really Fun To Play

uncharted 4 rafe boss battle final
Naughty Dog

We don’t like to establish too many must-haves for video games as they’re all unique and fascinating creatures in their own right. That said, if a game is going to have a character do something incredibly cool, you bloody better let us do it and not just sit back limply holding the controller thinking about how awesome it would have been to actually play that bit.

The largest offender in this particular entry are games that don’t let you land the final blow on the bad guy you’ve been sweating it out battling.

Instead they let you get all the way to the end and then quietly let you know you can take a backseat while they enter into a cutscene where your character does something super cool finishing off the encounter with an epic blow that you didn’t even get to initiate. It’s the equivalent of the video game taking credit for all your hard work while you sit back and go, “Oh, okay, yay me.”

We are simply no longer having it.

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