10 Long Video Games That Fall Apart At The VERY End

It must be infuriating: putting time into a project or a passion-piece, only for it to fall apart at the eleventh hour. Crafting a model plane that breaks on the test flight, painting a miniature only to drop it, or building a shed that doesn’t stand up to the first bit of wind.

The same can be said of video games, especially those that require a substantial time commitment. To get to that sweet, sweet endgame, only for it to conclude in a disappointing manner.

For example, going on a massive treasure hunt in a far off planet to find out that the big reveal is a craptastic boss fight. Or spending hours taking on the world’s greatest detective’s opposite only for them to completely betray their established character.

It’s even worse when it’s a game’s final act that lets players down. Setting up many hours of great game, only to ruin the last few hours with mundanity. Epic western adventures that literally make gamers shovel crap and expect them to deal with it, for one.

So whilst this isn’t a warning to not play these games ever, consider this a heads up if one were to consider the time investment needed. Also, whilst this should be pretty obvious, these will all be endgame spoilers in this list.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned, and saved disappointment.

It may seem obvious now that Borderlands likes to try and subvert expectations and mess with players, in 2009 it wasn’t something players were expecting.

The first game just a great job in luring in players, as treasure hunters, with the promise of untold wealth and whatnot at the heart of its Vault. Gamers have had looters before, with the likes of Diablo and Warcraft, but not so much in the shooter genre. Hence, looter-shooter was born.

For its debut, Borderlands is a big game, even without its DLC. Players can expect to put a good thirty hours in if they want to finish every quest and explore the full potential of the skill system. They won’t get all the weapons though, that’s for sure.

So, naturally, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that the endgame payoff would excel what Borderlands has already established.

It doesn’t, though, culminating in a boring arena boss fight with a generic tentacled monster thing. Oh, and some randomized loot that isn’t any better or worse than what could potentially be picked up throughout the game.

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